Our Gallery

Clarence Lodge decided to take ourselves back in time to celebrate Care Homes Open Day.

So Back to 1943 we go and become Land Girls for the Day.

The day was a huge success with residents also being issued with ration books.
  1. Staff Group
    Staff Group
    Georgia, Rebecca, Lisa, Sue, Leanne and Pamela
  2. The Terrible Trio
    The Terrible Trio
    Georgia, Dorothy and Rebecca
  3. The Three Amigos
    The Three Amigos
    Lisa, Pamela and Mandy
  4. The Gruesome Duo
    The Gruesome Duo
    Rebecca and Mandy
  5. The Terrible Two
    The Terrible Two
    Georgia and Mandy
  6. Selfie Central
    Selfie Central
    Georgia, Pamela, Bob, Leanne, Flo and Lisa
  7. Pouts R Us
    Pouts R Us
    Leanne, Rebecca, Connie and Georgia
  8. My Angels
    My Angels
    Ron with Leanne, Rebecca and Georgia.